Ministry of Education (Ghana)

The Ministry of Education (MOE) is a multiportfolio government ministry of Ghana, responsible for the governance and management of Ghana's education. It is responsible for the national education curriculum, primarily instituted by Ghana Education Service, which is part of the Ministry.[1]

Ministry of Education, Ghana
MOE (Ministry of Education) logo.png
Agency overview
JurisdictionRepublic of Ghana
HeadquartersMinistries, Accra
Minister responsible
Parent agencyGhana Education Service
Child agency

The Ministry of Education was established under the Civil Service Law 327 and under the PNDC Law 1993 with the mandate to provide relevant education to all Ghanaians.[2]

The Ministry's main offices are located in Accra.


The first Minister of Education in Ghana was J.B. Erzuah under the Nkrumah government in 1957.


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