Ministry of Constitutional and Legal Affairs

The Ministry of Constitution and Legal Affairs is a government ministry of Tanzania that was formed in 2006. The ministry is responsible for creating and promoting good governance, justice, and equality by ensuring universal access to legal services.[1]

Ministry of Constitutional and
Legal Affairs
Wizara ya Katiba na Mambo ya Sheria  (Swahili)
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Ministry overview
HeadquartersMkwepu/Sokoine, Dar es Salaam
6°49′6″S 39°17′22″E / 6.81833°S 39.28944°E / -6.81833; 39.28944Coordinates: 6°49′6″S 39°17′22″E / 6.81833°S 39.28944°E / -6.81833; 39.28944
Minister responsible
Ministry executive


The Ministry has undergone a number of name changes throughout its history. Most recently, the ministry was renamed under John Magufuli's first cabinet formed in 2015 to the Ministry of Constitutional and Legal Affairs.


  • Judiciary of Tanzania
  • Attorney General's Chambers
  • Law Reform Commission of Tanzania
  • Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance
  • Registration, Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency
  • The Law School of Tanzania
  • Institute of Judicial Administration

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