Mind Reflections

Mind Reflections is the fifth release from Dutch death metal band Pestilence. Mind Reflections is a best-of compilation with both studio and live songs.

Mind Reflections
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GenreDeath metal, progressive death metal
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Mind Reflections
Resurrection Macabre
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Allmusic4.5/5 stars link

Track listingEdit

1."Out of the Body" (from Consuming Impulse)4:40
2."Twisted Truth" (from Testimony of the Ancients)4:04
3."The Process of Suffocation" (from Consuming Impulse)2:41
4."Parricide" (from Malleus Maleficarum)3:49
5."Mind Reflections" (from Spheres)3:22
6."Dehydrated" (from Consuming Impulse)3:09
7."Land of Tears" (from Testimony of the Ancients)4:48
8."Hatred Within"6:47
9."The Secrecies of Horror" (from Testimony of the Ancients)4:56
10."Subordinate to the Domination" (from Malleus Maleficarum)4:18
11."Dehydrated" (live)3:31
12."Chemotherapy" (live)4:27
13."Presence of the Dead" (live)5:54
14."Testimony" (live)4:30
15."Chronic Infection" (live)3:58
16."Out of the Body" (live)5:09
Total length:66:33