Minami (singer)

Minami (美波, born September 14, 1997) is a Japanese singer and songwriter from Saitama, currently signed to Warner Music Japan.

Born (1997-09-14) September 14, 1997 (age 24)[citation needed]
Saitama, Japan
  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • Vocals
  • guitar
Years active2015–present

Minami won the second FlyingDog Audition Grand Prix in 2017, and later signed onto FlyingDog under Victor Entertainment in 2019.[1] On June 30, 2020, she transferred to Warner Music Japan.[2]


Minami was born in the city of Saitama in Saitama Prefecture. Influenced by the live performances of Yutaka Ozaki in high school, she took up guitar and participated in music activities.[3] In 2017, the first mini-album "ETERNAL BLUE" and the first single "main actor" were released. On Tower Records in Shibuya, Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, limited sales were made.


Mini-Albums/Extended PlaysEdit

  Release Date Title Catalog No. Tracklist Remarks
3rd July 21, 2021 DROP WPCL-13313 (Regular Edition)

WPCL-13311 (Cell Ver. / Limited Edition A) WPCL-13312 (Masquerade Ver. / Limited Edition B)

5 songs

  1. アメヲマツ、 (Ame Wo Matsu,)
  2. フライハイト (Freiheit)
  3. DROP
  4. この街に晴れはこない (Kono Machi Ni Hare Wa Konai)
  5. 君と僕の154小節戦争 (Kimi To Boku No 154 Shosetsu Senso)
Limited Edition A [WPCL-13311] includes the Canvas Art "Cell".

Limited Edition B [WPCL-13312] includes the Canvas Art "Masquerade".

2nd January 30, 2019 カワキヲアメク / Kawaki Wo Ameku VTCL-35294 (Regular Edition) VTCL-35295 (Anime Edition)

5 songs

  1. カワキヲアメク (Kawaki Wo Ameku)
  2. main actor
  3. ライラック (Lilac)
  4. ホロネス (Hollowness)
  5. Prologue
Regular Edition [VTCL-35294] does not include track 5.

Anime Edition [VTCL-35295] does not include track 4 and has different artwork on the cover promoting the Domestic Girlfriend anime series from which the OP theme features the title track.

1st June 21, 2017 Emotional Water 2050267813644

4 songs

  1. 水中リフレクション (Suichuu Reflection)
  2. 先生、あのね (Sensei, ano ne)
  3. 海と夏と君と (Umi to Natsu to Kimi to)
  4. 正直日記 (Shoujiki Nikki)
Released by Tower Records in Japan.


  Release Date Title Catalog No. Tracklist Remarks
3rd June 30, 2020 アメヲマツ、/ Amewomatsu B08BBYTJZ2 1 song
  1. アメヲマツ、 (Amewomatsu)
Released by Warner Music Japan.
2nd February 21, 2018 ETERNAL BLUE Self-Released 2 songs
  1. Monologue
  2. 正直日記 long ver. (Shoujiki Nikki long ver.)
Different single unrelated to the song "Eternal Blue" of the same name.
1st December 1, 2017 main actor 2050267839712

2 songs

  1. main actor
  2. プロローグ (Prologue)


• アスター (Astor)
• ハル-あと3cmの冬-
• groping
• issue
• プレッシャーボーイズ (Pressure Boys)
• Deep-sea fish
• 放課後オレンジヒーロー (After School Orange Hero)
• 留年確定
• カレーライス (Curry Rice)
• サイダーみたいだ (Like a Cider)
• 傘を忘れた日
• Summer time game!!
• 星屑のうた
• 雪見だいふくの歌


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