Min Raza of Mrauk-U

Min Raza (Burmese: မင်းရာဇာ, Burmese pronunciation: [mɪ́ɴ jàzà]; Arakanese pronunciation: [máɴ ɹàzà]; also known as Ilias Shah; 1480–1514) was king of Arakan from 1502 to 1513. He was the father of King Min Bin (r. 1531–1554).[2]

Raza I of Mrauk-U
Ilias Shah (ဣလိသျှာ)
King of Arakan
ReignFebruary 1502 – c. November 1513
Born1480 (Monday born)
Diedc. January 1514 (aged 33)[1]
ConsortSaw Thuba
Shin Phwa
Shin Pyo
Shin Hla Htut
Min Bin
Min Aung Hla
ReligionTheravada Buddhism

According to the Arakanese chronicles, he is said to be utterly uninterested in governing the country, except for his annual elephant hunting trips to the Thandwe region. He even stayed away from the capital Mrauk-U, moving to the old capital city of Wethali in 1510.[note 1] His lack of interest in governing led to his eventual fall from power and death. In late 1513, Raza was forced to abdicate after failing to quell a serious rebellion by the Thet people, who occupied Wethali for 29 days. The ministers chose his 15-year-old son by a concubine, Gazapati, who had put down the rebellion, to take over the throne. Though he was treated well at first, the fallen king was later executed by his son after hearing the rumors that his father's chief queen Saw Thuba was plotting.[1]


  1. ^ (Sandamala Linkara Vol. 2 1931: 26) says he moved to Wethali on Saturday, 4th waning of Kason 876 ME. But 876 ME is a typo since he died in 875 ME. The date should be Saturday, 4th waning of Kason 872 ME (Saturday, 27 April 1510).


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Min Raza of Mrauk-U
Born: 1480 Died: c. January 1514
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Mrauk-U
February 1502 – c. November 1513
Succeeded by