Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra

The Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra, also known as The Bonne Amie Musical Circle, is a mandolin ensemble which was established in 1900 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are the oldest ensemble of their kind in the United States.[1]


The group was founded in 1900 as the Bonne Amie Musical Circle.[2] It reformed in 1982 under the Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra name.[3] As late as 1990, under the direction of Ernest Brusubardis, the group had only 11 members.[4] Starting in the 1990s the group expanded, playing public concerts in other major cities and releasing recorded music.[5] In a review of the concert in 2000 celebrating the group's centennial, Elaine Schmidt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel described them as "not the tightest ensemble in town, nor the most polished."[6] The Orchestra was a guest on A Prairie Home Companion twice in 2006.[7] One member, Jacob Scokir, played with the group from 1938 until his death in 2008.[1][8]


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