Milred (died 774) (also recorded as Mildred and Hildred) was an Anglo-Saxon prelate who served as Bishop of Worcester from c. 744 until his death in 774.

Bishop of Worcester
Appointedbetween 743 and 745
Term ended774
PredecessorWilfrith I
Consecrationbetween 743 and 745
Personal details


Milred was consecrated between 743 and 745.[1] He attended the major council of Clofesho in 747, and is found as a regular witness to charters of the Mercian kings Æthelbald and Offa. Milred is known to have travelled to Germany, where he met Boniface and Lull, in the early 750s. A letter from Milred to Lull written soon after his return, on the subject of Boniface's martyrdom shows that the writer was familiar with the works of Virgil and Horace.

A work by Milred, a compilation of epigrams and epigraphs on Anglo-Saxon churchmen, some of whom are known only from this work, is now lost apart from a single 10th-century copy of one page, held by the library of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Antiquarian John Leland recorded some other parts of this work, which now survive only in his 16th-century copies.[2][3]

Milred died in 774,[1] and the event is recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.


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