Milne & Choyce

Milne & Choyce was one of the first department stores in Auckland, New Zealand.[1] The department store grew from a draper's and milliner's first acquired by Mary Jane and Charlotte Milne in 1867.[2][3] In 1874 the store moved to larger premises on Queen Street,[4] before the name of the store changed to Milne & Choyce in 1876 following Charlotte Milne's marriage to Henry Choyce.[5]

Milne & Choyce
Founded1867; 155 years ago (1867)
FounderCharlotte Milne, Mary Jane Milne, Henry Choyce
HeadquartersAuckland, New Zealand
ProductsClothing, food, homewares
Milne & Choyce paper shopping bag displaying logo (circa 1960s).


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