Military Museum, Belgrade

The Military Museum (Serbian: Војни музеј, romanizedVojni muzej) is a museum located in Belgrade, Serbia. Founded in 1878, the museum has over 3,000 ancient and modern items.[citation needed] These include Roman swords and helmets, Greek helmets and daggers, Serbian heavy knight's armor, axes, shields, helmets, crossbows, armoured gloves, as well as Western medieval weapons. There are also more modern guns, firearms, and elements of soldier's uniforms and equipment. Dioramas, plaques, and displays illustrate the use and historical context of the museum's collection.

Military Museum
Војни музеј Београд
Vojni muzej Beograd
Established1878; 145 years ago (1878)
LocationKalemegdan, Belgrade
Coordinates44°49′19″N 20°27′00″E / 44.8219°N 20.4500°E / 44.8219; 20.4500
TypeMilitary museum
Directorlieutenant colonel Gradimir Matic
CuratorČedomir Vokić
Polish TKF tankette
Uniform of a private in the Serbian Revolutionary Army of 1804.
Hajduk weapons.

Inside the museum's main building, the exhibits are found in a single long hall progressing from ancient through medieval and then towards modern. All exhibits are labeled in the Serbian Language in both Cyrillic and Latin, as well as English. Outside the museum's main building, there are numerous tanks, howitzers, and armoured cars of many types. Some were acquired during World War II, when they were captured by the Red Army and Yugoslav Partisans from retreating Nazi and Axis forces (Belgrade Offensive). These decommissioned tanks and artillery pieces line the walls and paths leading into the Military Museum from two directions. Recent exhibits address NATO actions against Serbia in 1999, including the controversial use of cluster bombs, depleted uranium, and graphite bombs, some of which are claimed to be in violation of international law. A well-known exhibit features parts of a US F-117 stealth aircraft which was downed by a Serbian S-125 Neva/Pechora.

The Military Museum is located inside the walls of the historic Belgrade Fortress, situated at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. The Belgrade Fortress is located within a popular park known as the Kalemegdan Park, near the center of the city.

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