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Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps

Coordinates: 59°57′14″N 30°18′50″E / 59.9539°N 30.3138°E / 59.9539; 30.3138

Aerial view, Military Historical Museum of Artillery
The museum as viewed from immediately inside the entrance to the outdoor exhibition
9P149 Shturm-S in Saint Petersburg Artillery Museum
15V75 signal vehicle, 15V148 command vehicle and 15U168 Topol ICBM launcher

The Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps (Russian: Военно-исторический музей артиллерии, инженерных войск и войск связи), also known simply as the Artillery Museum, is a state-owned military museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Its collections, consisting of Russian military equipment, uniforms and decorations, are hosted in the Kronverk (a crownwork) of the Peter and Paul Fortress situated on the right bank of the Neva near Alexander Park. The museum is managed by the Russian Ministry of Defence.


The museum is located on the southern shore of Petrogradskiy Island, directly across the Kronverkskiy Strait from the Peter and Paul Fortress. The nearest metro station is Gorkovskaya, which is approximately ten minutes by foot along the Kronverkskaya Embankment and Kamennoostrovskiy Prospekt.


Among the exhibits are:[1]

  • Cannons made by Andrei Chokhov – the maker of the famous Czar Cannon
  • An official chariot used for transportation of the artillery banner in the middle of the 18th century
  • The cannons from "the entertainment regiments" of Peter the Great
  • Personal arms, medals, and gifts received by Russian emperors and military commanders
  • Trophy arms (for example, Swedish and Turkish arm, and Napoleon's personal arms from his invasion of Russia)
  • The famous Katyusha rocket launcher of World War II
  • A room dedicated to the Kalashnikov AK-47 and its designer, Mikhail Kalashnikov.
  • A wide array of Cold War era artillery pieces, anti-aircraft systems, armored vehicles, and missiles


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