Milan Triennial IX

The Milan Triennial IX was the Triennial in Milan sanctioned by the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE)[1] on the 7 June 1950.[1] Its theme was Goods - Standard.[1] It was held at the Palazzo dell'Arte[2] and ran from 12 May 1951 to 5 November 1951.[1]

Milan Triennial IX
BIE-classTriennial exposition
NameMilan Triennial IX
MottoGoods - Standard
BuildingPalazzo del Arte [it]
Coordinates45°28′19.92″N 9°10′24.78″E / 45.4722000°N 9.1735500°E / 45.4722000; 9.1735500
Awarded7 June 1950
Opening12 May 1951
Closure5 November 1951
Triennial expositions
PreviousMilan Triennial VIII in Milan
NextMilan Triennial X in Milan

Tapio Wirkkala, Rut Bryk snd Dora Jung all won Grand Prix, with Birger Kaipiainen receiving an honorable mention. Toini Muona, Ilmari Tapiovaara and Kaj Franck won gold medals and Lisa Johansson-Pape a silver one.[3]


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