Mike Fahn

Mike Fahn (born December 16, 1960 in Huntington, New York) is an American jazz trombonist.

He spent his childhood in Huntington. His father played drums with Lionel Hampton and he started on drums himself.[1] By age 12 he was playing valve trombone. His sister Melissa is an actress and singer.


As leaderEdit

  • Steppin' Out (Cexton, 1989)
  • Close Your Eyes...and Listen (Sparky 1 Productions, 2002)

As sidemanEdit

With Dick Berk

  • One by One (Reservoir, 1995)
  • Bouncin' with Burke (Reservoir, 1990)
  • Music of Rodgers & Hart (Trend Records, 1988)
  • More Birds Less Feathers (Discovery, 1986)

With Bob Cooper

  • Tenor Sax Jazz Impressions (Trend Records/Discovery, 1979)
  • Play the Music of Michel LeGrand (Musicraft, 1980)

With Jerry Vivino

  • Walkin' with the Wazmo (Zoho, 2006)

With Frank Strazzeri

  • Moon & Sand (Discovery, 1993)

With Andy Simpkins

  • Comin' at Ya (MAMA Records,1990)

With Andrew Hill

  • A Beautiful Day (Palmetto, 2002)

With Tom Harrell

  • Time's Mirror (RCA Victor, 1999)

With Chita Rivera

  • And Now I Swing (Yellow Sound, 2009)


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