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A midge is a very small, two-winged flying insect.

Midge may also refer to:




Given name or nicknameEdit

  • Midge Bosworth (born 1941), former Australian racing driver
  • Toughie Brasuhn (1923-1971), American roller derby skater
  • Midge Costanza (1932–2010), American politician
  • Midge Decter (born 1927), American neoconservative journalist and author of various books
  • Midge Didham (born 1945), New Zealand retired jockey
  • Mildred Gillars (1900–1988), American broadcaster of Nazi propaganda during World War II
  • Midge Gillies, British journalist and biographer
  • Marjorie Gladman (born c. 1900), American amateur tennis player
  • Midge Mackenzie (1938–2004), Dublin born writer and film maker
  • Midge Marsden (born 1945), New Zealand blues and R&B guitarist, harmonica-player, and singer
  • Midge Miller (1922–2009), Wisconsin Democratic politician
  • Midge Potts, transgender political activist
  • Marjorie Rendell (born 1947), American jurist and first lady of Pennsylvania
  • Midge Richardson (1930-2012), American nun and educator turned author and editor of Seventeen magazine
  • Midge Ure (born 1953), Scottish guitarist, singer and songwriter
  • Midge Williams (1915–1952), African American Swing Jazz vocalist during the 1930s and 1940s


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