Middle Island, Hong Kong

Middle Island (Chinese: 熨波洲, Tong Po Chau) is an island of Hong Kong. Administratively, it is part of Southern District.

Middle Island
Native name:
View of Middle Island, off Hong Kong Island (left) between Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay (background, left). Viewed from the Ocean Park cable car ride.
Middle Island is located in Hong Kong
Middle Island
Middle Island
Coordinates22°14′08″N 114°11′17″E / 22.23550°N 114.18794°E / 22.23550; 114.18794Coordinates: 22°14′08″N 114°11′17″E / 22.23550°N 114.18794°E / 22.23550; 114.18794
DistrictsSouthern District
Middle Island (left), seen from Repulse Bay
Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club's clubhouse on Middle Island.


Middle Island is located 100 m off the southern coast of Hong Kong Island, between Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay.[1]


Middle Island houses one of the three clubhouses of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. The site is accessible by the Club's own sampan ferry from Deep Water Bay and has its own private beach.[2]

The island also houses the Middle Island Clubhouse of the Aberdeen Boat Club. The Clubhouse is open daily except Mondays.[1]

There is also a Tin Hau temple[3] and a Tai Wong Ye temple[4][5] on the island.

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