Middle Atlantic League

The Middle Atlantic League (or Mid-Atlantic League) was a lower-level circuit in American minor league baseball that played during the second quarter of the 20th century.

Middle Atlantic League
ClassificationClass C (1925–1942, 1946–1951)
SportMinor League Baseball
First season1925; 99 years ago (1925)
Ceased1951; 73 years ago (1951)
PresidentRay H. Archibald (1925)
Elmer M. Daily (1926–1942, 1946–1951)
No. of teams30
CountryUnited States of America
Most titles5
Erie Sailors
Blue Ridge League
Central League
Pennsylvania State Association

History edit

The Middle Atlantic League played from 1925 through 1951, with the exception of three seasons (1943–45) when the loop suspended operations during World War II. The league primarily featured clubs based in the U.S. states of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, although it had a team in Maryland and, in its final season, one in New York. Its longest-tenured team, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania - the Johnnies - existed for 19 seasons. Its final champion was the 1951 Niagara Falls Citizens.

Throughout its 24-year history, the Middle Atlantic League was a Class-C level, one rung up from the lowest classification, Class-D.

Elmer M. Daily was president of the league through 23 years of its existence.

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