MicroPlanner X-Pert

Micro Planner X-Pert (or X-Pert) is a project management software package in continuous development since 1979.

Micro Planner X-Pert
Developer(s)Micro Planning International
Stable release
3.5 / November 19, 2007
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
TypeProject management software
WebsiteMicro Planning International Website


X-Pert is geared to producing critical path method and PERT schedules for major, long-term projects (in one case[1] a duration now approaching 40 years).

Developed by users and contributors to the ICL 1900 PERT mainframe package, X-Pert is one of the few packages still fully supporting the activity on arrow project network process.

PERT network chart for a seven-month project with five milestones (10 through 50) and six activities (A through F).

X-Pert supports the full cycle of project management – through multi-level work breakdown structure creation, transition to multiple projects using critical path diagrams and Gantt chart presentation.

X-Pert is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) running in the cloud, for a low monthly subscription


At its first commercial release in 1980,[2] Micro Planner was the first project management package for a micro computer.

First developed for the Apple II series computer in 1979, versions have also existed at various times for the Apple ///, Sirius Systems Technology Victor, Macintosh, Silicon Graphics IRIX platforms, and currently for Microsoft Windows.

With the simultaneous release of Version 6 in 1988, for both Macintosh and Windows; Micro Planner became the first cross-platform project management solution for companies with a mixed hardware environment.

As of 2014 a 32-bit version for Windows and Mac OS X is under advanced development.


Max. No Operations per project: 15,000
Max. No Subprojects per project: 100
Max. No Operations per sub-project: 1,364
Max. No Resources: 500 per project 20 per operation
Max. No Work Breakdown Elements: 1,500
Max. No Calendars per project: 500
Flexible Time Units: Weeks, Days, Shifts, Hours, Minutes
Number of Zones: Zone Label (16 character) 500
Number of Responsibilities Label (16 character): 500
Number of Cost Label (16 character): 500
Sort Code (8 character): Full positional select / sort
Link Types: Finish-to-Start, Start-to-Start, Finish-to-Finish & Start-to-Finish
Import/Export file formats: TEXT, DIF, CSV,XML & MPX (Import only)

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