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Michiko Koshino (小篠 美智子, Koshino Michiko), born in 1943, is a fashion designer. She has high-end stores in Japan and London.

Michiko Koshino
Osaka, Japan
EducationBunka Fukuso Gakuin College
OccupationFashion designer
Known forHigh-end stores in Japan and London

Michiko Koshino was born in Osaka, Japan and is one of three siblings who have all entered the fashion design industry. While working for her mother’s boutique early in her life, Koshino gained first hand experience in the fashion and retail industry. In 1974, Koshino graduated from Bunka Fukuso Gakuin College of design. Upon graduating, college she moved to London to pursue her career as a fashion designer.


In 1987, Koshino began a line of menswear called Motorking, that today are considered to be collector’s items, worn by David Bowie and Moby. She also created a line of women’s wear, Q tee, which is influenced by urban street wear. Her clothing line later branched out to include cosmetics, underwear, eyewear, and accessories that are sold globally in countries such as Asia, Europe, and the United States. Yen denim, a limited variety of Japanese denim, is another collection that has been successful for Koshino. Two of her other lines are Main Collection and 100’s line. Koshino’s clothing has been seen on such celebrities as the Spice Girls, Placebo, and Natalie Imbruglia. Her licensees include main brand umbrella, Michiko London, Sudo (wool and acrylic scarves), Ta Feng (umbrellas), Shin Myung Mool San (lighters), Chiyoda Bussan (footwear), Mandom (cosmetics), Gunze (leg wear), and Mitsubishi Rayon (casual wear). The nightlife ensembles have become highly recognized in club environments. Her name is first in the consumers mind in regards to club wear. Michiko produced bomber jackets for Boys Own, the seminal Balearic / Acid House fanzine, (which include original members Andrew Weatherall & Terry Farley, both known for extensive remix & production careers, DJing, record labels, etc., who started their DJing careers in Shoom) who were friends of Johny Rocca from Slough / Windsor, the UK manager for Koshino at the time. One of the most intriguing items she marketed under her name was condoms and even created the first inflatable fabric. Koshino was also responsible along with David Roberts fashion stylist (consultant) for designing and environmentally friendly scooter for Honda.

Inspiration and influencesEdit

Her inspiration is derived from urban streets and dance club environments. Music of the eighties and nineties are large influences in her designs. of modern Japanese society for her designs. Koshino was the designer for the final runway show of Stardoll's Elite, Kahlen's Next Top Model.

In popular cultureEdit

In the NHK morning television drama Carnation, which was based on the life of Koshino's mother, Ayako Koshino, the part based on Michiko Koshino was played by Misako Yasuda.[1]


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