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The Michigan Library Association is a United States professional association headquartered in Lansing, Michigan that advocates for libraries in Michigan on behalf of the state's residents. Founded in 1891 its members are more than 1,700 individuals and organizations from public, academic, private and special libraries.[1]



From 2002-2009, the association published the MLA Forum ISSN 1539-4123, an open access electronic peer-reviewed academic journal covering library and information science published by the Michigan Library Association. It was indexed by Library Literature and Library and Information Science Abstracts. The journal was initially published on a quarterly schedule. In 2008, it switched to an annual publication format. The successive editors-in-chief were Lothar Spang (Wayne State University, 2002-2005), Susann deVries (Eastern Michigan University, 2005-2007), and Michael Lorenzen (Central Michigan University, 2007-2009).

Current and past presidentsEdit

The following persons have been president of the association[2]:


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