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Michael Somervell Pope (born September 27, 1963) is an American filmmaker, known for the independent feature film Neovoxer (2004).

Michael Pope
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Michael Pope on set
Michael Somervell Pope

(1963-09-27) September 27, 1963 (age 57)
OccupationFilm director, film producer, screenwriter
Years active1994–present



Neovoxer was a experimental feature film. Showings included live performances of its musical score and sound effects, site-specific installation and other in-person performance. Pope was writer, director, editor and performed other roles in the project.[1] He enlisted more than two hundred artists and artisans in the project[2] in what he describes as a "Collective creative action".[3] It was the first film by an American director to screen at the P1: International Biennial in the Czech Republic (2004), and earned him a Tanne Award for Outstanding Achievement (2000),[4] which recognizes artists with outstanding achievements in their field.

Music videos with The Dresden Dolls and Amanda PalmerEdit

Pope shot, cut and directed music videos for Boston locals The Dresden Dolls. He directed their first live concert/documentary DVD Live: In Paradise, among other collaborations. He directed the music video series “Who Killed Amanda Palmer: A Surrealist Mini Mystery”, in conjunction with the album and book release of the same name.

In 2009, Pope was commissioned by the Boston Pops to create a new film piece for their New Year's Eve show by Amanda Palmer. The film The Old & The New[5] starred Jeremy Geidt and his wife.[6][7]

Artist residencies and other work=Edit

Pope has received artist's residencies from E|Merge Interdisciplinary A.I.R. (2013),[8] the Mobius Artists Group for Experimental Work in All Media (2001/2002),[9] and the Experimental Television Center,[10] (2000). His video art has shown at 31 Grand Gallery (NYC 2007/2008) curated by artist Barnaby Whitfield,[11] as well as numerous site-specific installations in collaboration with The Nu Dance Theater (NYC/PARIS 2008).

In 2008, Pope traveled to Tehran as part of cross-cultural artist project "Send My Love To Iran"[12] founded by BriAnna Olson

He has made music videos for Ben Folds, Gene Dante & The Future Starlets and other acts which aired on airing on MTV, LOGO and RAGE and appeared on People, Spin, Jezebel and Pitchfork websites.


In 2016, Pope began a new independent movie/transmedia project, SYNEMATIKA with a "three dimensional script" as a site-specific installation in a 2400-square foot industrial space in Kingston, NY. This was accomplished over the course of a thirty days lockdown endurance art, after which it was opened to the public for viewing and photographed to become a graphic "shooting bible" for the eventual movie.[13]

Personal informationEdit

Born and raised in New York City, Pope is a self-taught filmmaker. Growing up he had dyslexia and problems with truancy. Life experience; bike messenger, house painter and phone sex operator have proven to be the training ground for his film making. He made his first films on Super8 when he was 7 years old.


Original workEdit

  • "The Old & The New" (2009)[5]
  • "Bony Lil's Creation and Distraction" (2007)[14][15]
  • Neovoxer (2004)
  • "Palace Hotel" (1992)
  • "Sacred Nation" (1990)

Music videos and relatedEdit

Fine Art: ExhibitionsEdit

  • College Med: Journal Showcase (2009)
  • 31 Grand Gallery (2008)


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