Michael Penn (author)

Michael Penn is the Teresa Hihn Moore Professor of Religious Studies at Stanford University,[1] and formerly taught at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts.[2]

His writings include the book Kissing Christians: Ritual, Community, and the Late Ancient Church (ISBN 978-0812238808).[3] He received a Guggenheim Fellowship and other grants for studies of the Syriac Christians and their relationship to Islam.[4] He was quoted in USA Today regarding the veracity of the Gospel of Judas.[5]

Penn's courses at Mount Holyoke included "What Didn't Make It into the Bible"[2] and "Sex and the Early Church". Penn studied molecular biology and was a debater at Princeton University, then received his Ph.D. from Duke University.[1] He attended Pinewood High School in California, from which he graduated in 1989.[6]


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