Professor Michael Newton Marsh, DM, DSc, DPhil, FRCP (15 May 1937 – 12 July 2021) was a reader of medicine at Magdalen College, Oxford, and became an academic biomedical research physician in Manchester, known for his expertise on coeliac disease. [1]



In 2006, Marsh received a Distinguished Investigator Award for his work on gluten intolerance (coeliac disease), and his classification of intestinal responses, which are now internationally adopted.[2][3][4] Marsh received two lifetime achievement awards.[when?]

While approaching retirement, Marsh received an Oxford degree in theology, subsequently returning to Magdalen to write a D.Phil thesis on neurophysiological and theological approaches to near-death and out-of-body experiential phenomenology. In later life, he was at Wolfson College and, in addition, a Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture at Regent's Park College, University of Oxford.


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