Michael Mirov

Archbishop Michael Mirov (1859 in Topuzlare, Ottoman Empire – 17 August 1923 in Istanbul, Ottoman Empire) was a Bulgarian Greek Catholic bishop.

He was born in a Bulgarian Orthodox family in the Zornitsa village, Burgas Province, in the Ottoman Empire. More after Michael Mirov converted to Catholicism and graduated from Assumptionist high school in Edirne. Mirov studied theology and philosophy at the Major Seminary in Constantinople. On 6 January 1883 he was ordained a priest by Bishop Michael Petkov and was appointed to his native village. He opened a school for children and evening classes for adults. In 1888 began the construction of the new church, which was consecrated on 8 September 1891. In 1900 the Church of the Blessed Virgin added a 24-meter tower. Later Father Mirov built the Church of the Holy Family in the Dovrukli village. In 1907 was elevated to the rank of archbishop. Died on 17 August 1923.

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