Michael J. Gelb (born 1952) is an American non-fiction author, executive coach and management consultant.[1] He is a senior fellow at the Center for Humanistic Management and member of the advisory board for Leading People and Organizations at the Fordham University Gabelli School of Business.[2] He is also a Batten Institute Research Fellow at the University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business.[3]

Michael J. Gelb
Gelb in 2017
New Jersey
EducationClark University: B.A., Goddard College: M.A
Occupation(s)Author (non-fiction), Executive Coach, Management Consultant
Notable work"How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day"
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Early life and education edit

Gelb grew up in Passaic, New Jersey. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Philosophy from Clark University in 1973,[4] and a master's degree in Psychophysical Re-education from Goddard College in 1978. In 1978 he also was certified as a teacher of the F. M. Alexander Technique of Mind/Body coordination.

Career edit

Gelb founded High Performance Learning, a training, coaching and consulting firm, in 1982. He has been active with the Conscious Capitalism movement since its inception and co-authored The Healing Organization: Awakening the Conscience of Business to Help Save the World (2019)[5], with Conscious Capitalism co-founder Raj Sisodia.

Bibliography edit

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