Michał Stefan Radziejowski

Cardinal Radziejowski

Augustyn Michał Stefan Radziejowski (3 December 1645 – 13 October 1705) was an Archbishop of Gniezno and Cardinal Primate of the Roman Catholic Church in Poland[1], son of Hieronim Radziejowski. After the death of the Polish king John III Sobieski, he functioned as Interrex until the choice of a new king.

Radziejowski first supported the candidacy of François Louis, Prince of Conti. Later he supported August II the Strong, the eventual successor to John III. He died in Gdańsk (Danzig), 13 October 1705.


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Catholic Church titles
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Jan Stefan Wydżga
Prince-Bishop of Warmia (Ermland)
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Jan Stanisław Zbąski
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Jan IX Stefan Wydźga
Archbishop of Gniezno
Primate of Poland

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