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The Mexican Railway (Ferrocarril Mexicano) (reporting mark FCM) was one of the primary pre-nationalization railways of Mexico. Incorporated in London in September 1864 as the Imperial Mexican Railway (Ferrocarril Imperial Mexicano) to complete an earlier project, it was renamed in July 1867[1] after the Second French Empire withdrew from Mexico. The main line from Mexico City to Veracruz was dedicated on January 1, 1873 by President Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada; branches connected Ometusco to Pachuca and Apizaco to Puebla.[2][3] The 103 kilometers between Esperanza and Paso del Macho were electrically operated beginning in the 1920s.[4][5]

The Mexican Railway remained independent of the government-owned Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México (National Railways of Mexico) until the government gained control in June 1946 and merged the property in March 1959.[6] Following privatization in the 1990s, Ferrosur acquired the lines of the former Mexican Railway.


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