Mexborough Athletic F.C.

Mexborough Athletic F.C. was an English association football club based in Mexborough, Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Mexborough Athletic
Full nameMexborough Athletic Football Club
Founded1903 (as Mexborough Town)


The club was formed as Mexborough Town in 1903, and was the second team to take the Mexborough name, the first having been wound up three years earlier.[1][2]

They spent their first season in the Sheffield Association League, winning the league title at the first attempt. The club joined the Midland League in 1905 and would remain in the competition for the rest of their existence.

The Midland League was suspended for the duration of the First World War, but Mexborough rejoined the competition when hostilities ended. The club won its only Midland League title in 1926, two years after changing their name to Mexborough Athletic.[3] The following year they reached the First Round of the FA Cup, losing to Chesterfield at Saltergate.

Athletic would struggle on in the lower echelons of the Midland League until 1936, when after finishing bottom of the table, they resigned from the competition and disbanded.[4]

League and cup historyEdit

Mexborough League and Cup history[5][6][7][8]
Season Division Position FA Cup
1903–04 Sheffield Association League 1st/14 3rd Qualifying Round
1904–05 Wharncliffe Charity Cup League 5th Qualifying Round
1905–06 Midland League 5th/18 2nd Qualifying Round
1906–07 Midland League 6th/20 -
1907–08 Midland League 17th/20 1st Qualifying Round
1908–09 Midland League 12th/20 4th Qualifying Round
1909–10 Midland League 20th/22 5th Qualifying Round
1910–11 Midland League 10th/20 2nd Qualifying Round
1911–12 Midland League 9th/19 3rd Qualifying Round
1912–13 Midland League 19th/20 Preliminary Round
1913–14 Midland League 17th/18 Preliminary Round
1914–15 Midland League 17th/20 1st Qualifying Round
1919–20 Midland League 5th/18 2nd Qualifying Round
1920–21 Midland League 17th/20 2nd Qualifying Round
1921–22 Midland League 6th/22 Preliminary Round
1922–23 Midland League 18th/22 2nd Qualifying Round
1923–24 Midland League 4th/22 2nd Qualifying Round
1924–25 Midland League 8th/15 Preliminary Round
1925–26 Midland League 1st/21 2nd Qualifying Round
1926–27 Midland League 5th/20 1st Round
1927–28 Midland League 17th/23 Preliminary Round
1928–29 Midland League 20th/26 3rd Qualifying Round
1929–30 Midland League 20th/26 3rd Qualifying Round
1930–31 Midland League 20th/24 2nd Qualifying Round
1931–32 Midland League 16th/24 1st Qualifying Round
1932–33 Midland League 21st/23 Preliminary Round
1933–34 Midland League 16th/17 Preliminary Round
1934–35 Midland League 15th/20 Preliminary Round
1935–36 Midland League 21st/21 1st Qualifying Round




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