Meton (crater)

Meton is a compound formation on the Moon that consists of several merged crater rings that have been flooded with lava, forming the remnant of a walled plain in the shape of a clover leaf. It is located near the northern lunar limb, and is viewed from a low angle and foreshortened. The crater Barrow is attached to the southwest rim. To the northwest is the crater Scoresby, and to the east are Baillaud and Euctemon.

Barrow and Meton (LRO).png
LRO image Meton (right) and Barrow (left)
Coordinates73°48′N 19°12′E / 73.8°N 19.2°E / 73.8; 19.2Coordinates: 73°48′N 19°12′E / 73.8°N 19.2°E / 73.8; 19.2
Diameter122 km
Depth2.6 km
Colongitude338° at sunrise
Location of Meton
Oblique view of Meton from Lunar Orbiter 4. Meton is below center, Meton D is below left of center, Meton C is in upper left, and Meton E is at right. They are all flooded to the same elevation, and the subtle ridges that divide these craters are barely visible in this image.
Another oblique from Lunar Orbiter 4. Barrow crater is in the background.

Satellite cratersEdit

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Meton.

Meton Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 73.3° N 31.3° E 14 km
B 71.2° N 18.0° E 6 km
C 70.6° N 19.0° E 77 km
D 72.2° N 24.7° E 78 km
E 75.3° N 15.3° E 42 km
F 72.0° N 14.2° E 51 km
G 72.9° N 28.4° E 10 km
W 67.4° N 17.3° E 7 km


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