Messinia Football Clubs Association

The Messinia Football Clubs Association is part of the Greek Football Federation that includes football (soccer) teams in the Messenia regional unit.

Messinia Football Clubs Association
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FIFA affiliationHellenic Football Federation
PresidentVasilis Spiliotis


Its first attempt to run their own football (soccer) union in Messinia happened with the running of the council in Kalamanta. In 1929, the Patras FCA asked from the Greek Football Federation not to try to run their own union as it was known that the association was part of the union.[1]

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The MFCA which is headquartered in Kalamata, the prefectural capital and the power of including of over 70 football (soccer) clubs. Basic organizations of the MFCA is the local football (soccer) championships in three divisions and the Messinia Cup in which features teams in prefectural divisions and the association-member of the MFCA enters the fourth division and its artistic honors of the prefectural association of the highest divisions, the first, the second and the third divisions.

The Messinia championships elevates into the fourth division

The Messinia Cup champions enters the Greek Cup.

The MFCA organizes championships and for children and from 2008, pro-junior 5x5. It features games with other players from the prefectures and councils the Messinia Mixed which plays with clubs from the mixed from other unions.

The MFCA features annual honors and glass rewards to the three best scorers and the three best teams with the highest points fair play from every category.

In the entire games of the divisions, the MFCA teams owes to use particularly the three players under 19, without trying to participate for only players under 19.


In the 2008-09 season, the MFCA championship by category features the clubs:

First divisionEdit

One of the 16 teams. The championship enters the fourth division. Three and four teams relegates analogously with the amount of the prefectural points of a team to return from the fourth division.

Second divisionEdit

For two of the fourteen teams. It enters the first two teams to the first division. It relegates three from every club as much as it remains 28 teams again. The number tries to influence from the Messinian teams which returns from the fourth division.

Third divisionEdit

This division features 23 teams. 6 teams with the highest points enters the third division (of the first three from ever club) the five remaining with the lowest points returns from the fourth division.

Teams in the highest divisionsEdit

In the power of the MFCA it had 6 teams which in the 2008-09 season features those in the highest categories:

Messinia CupEdit

Cup winnersEdit

Performance by clubEdit

Club Winners Winning Years
Erani Filiatra 8 1995, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2009, 2010, 2012
Miltiadis 4 1985, 1990, 2005, 2007
Pamissos 3 1986, 1994, 1996
Apollon Kalamata 2 1992,1999
Telos Agras Gargaliani 2 1997, 1998
Asteras Arfara 2 2000, 2006
Messini FC 2 1988, 1993
Messiniakos 1 1987
Anageissi Paralia 1 1991
Apollon Petalidi 1 2008
Pamisos Messini 1 2011

Women's clubsEdit

In the women's clubs features two teams:

  • Messiniakos
  • Niki 1991 Kalamata

The veteran clubsEdit

From the 2004-05 season, the Messinia Football Clubs Association runs a veterans championships. In the 2008-09 season, in the 5th veterans, it has 11 clubs: Apollon Kalamata, Kalamata FC, Messiniakos, Prasina Poulia Kalamata, Omonoia Kalamata, Thyella Paralia, Pamisos Messini, Atromitos Platy, Ethnikos Meligala, Kostis Tsiklitirias Pulos and Apollon Petalidi.



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