Men's Low-Kick at W.A.K.O. European Championships 2006 Skopje -67 kg

Men's Low-Kick Kickboxing at the
W.A.K.O. European Championships 2006 (Skopje)
-51 kg
-54 kg
-57 kg
-60 kg
-63.5 kg
-67 kg
-71 kg
-75 kg
-81 kg
-86 kg
-91 kg
+91 kg

The men's welterweight (67 kg/147.4 lbs) Low-Kick division at the W.A.K.O. European Championships 2006 in Skopje was the sixth-lightest of the male Low-Kick tournaments involving fifteen fighters. Each of the matches was three rounds of two minutes each and was fought under Low-Kick kickboxing rules.

Because there was one too few fighters for a sixteen-man competition, one of the participants had a bye through to the quarter final stage. The tournament gold medallist was Nikolai Shtakhanov, who defeated fellow Russian Evgeny Grechishkin in the final by unanimous decision. Semi finalists Venelin Iankov from Bulgaria and France's Mickael Lallemand won bronze medals for their efforts.[1][2]


1st Round Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
  Robert Szoke  
  Nikolai Shtakhanov D(3:0)   Nikolai Shtakhanov D(3:0)
  Dalibor Ognjanov D(2:1)   Dalibor Ognjanov  
  Tomasz Mróz     Nikolai Shtakhanov D(3:0)
  Vinko Djirlic D(2:1)   Venelin Iankov  
  Mikel Moreno     Vinko Djirlic  
  Artsem Karotki     Venelin Iankov D(3:0)
  Venelin Iankov D(3:0)   Nikolai Shtakhanov D(3:0)
  Evgeny Grechishkin D(3:0)   Evgeny Grechishkin  
  Alessandro Conca     Evgeny Grechishkin D(3:0)
  Ardit Gjelili     Robert Zytkiewicz  
  Robert Zytkiewicz TKO   Evgeny Grechishkin KO
  Sinica Vladimirovic     Mickael Lallemand  
  Mickael Lallemand TKO   Mickael Lallemand D(2:1)
  Eldin Raonic  


Abbreviation Meaning
D (2:1) Decision (Winners Score:Losers Score)
KO Knockout
TKO Technical Knockout
AB Abandonment (Injury in match)
WO Walkover (No fight)
DQ Disqualification

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