Members of the South Australian Legislative Council, 1905–1908

This is a list of members of the South Australian Legislative Council from 1905 to 1908.

It was the second Legislative Council to be fully determined by provisions of the (State) Constitution Act 779 of 1901, which provided for, inter alia, a reduction in the number of seats from 24 to 18, realignment of District borders to encompass Assembly electorates, six-year terms (one half of the Council retiring every three years), and elections held jointly with the House of Assembly.[1] 1905 being the year of the first MHA election under the new system, and terms of MLCs being for six years, no Legislative Council elections were held in this year.

Name District Party Time in office Notes
Arthur Richman Addison Northern 1888–1915
John George Bice Northern 1894–1923
George Brookman Central 1901–1910
Sir John Downer Southern ANL 1905–1912
John Duncan North-Eastern ANL 1891–1896
James Henderson Howe Northern 1897–1918
David Jelley Central 1906–1907 elected Oct. 1906
died Jan 1907
Andrew Alexander Kirkpatrick Central Labor 1891–1897
John Lewis North-Eastern
Edward Lucas North-Eastern ANL 1900–1918
Beaumont Arnold Moulden Central ANL 1903–1912
Hugo Carl Emil Muecke Central 1903–1910
Thomas Pascoe North-Eastern 1900–1933
George Riddoch Southern ANL 1901–1910
John Lancelot Stirling Southern 1891–1932
Henry W. Thompson Central 1902–1906 died Sep. 1906
Joseph Vardon Central 1900–1906
Alfred von Doussa Southern 1901–1921
Frederick Samuel Wallis Central Labor 1907–1912 elected Mar. 1907
John Warren North-Eastern 1888–1912
James Phillips Wilson Central Labor 1906–1918


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