Members of the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly, 1998–2001

This is a list of members of the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly from 1998 to 2001:

Name Party Electorate Term in office
Wayne Berry ALP Ginninderra 1989–2008
Jacqui Burke [4] Liberal Molonglo 2000–2001, 2002–2008
Kate Carnell [4] Liberal Molonglo 1992–2000
Simon Corbell ALP Molonglo 1996–2016
Greg Cornwell Liberal Molonglo 1992–2004
John Hargreaves ALP Brindabella 1998–2012
Harold Hird Liberal Ginninderra 1995–2001
Gary Humphries Liberal Molonglo 1989–2002
Trevor Kaine United Canberra Party [3] Brindabella 1989–2001
Michael Moore Independent [2] Molonglo 1989–2001
Paul Osborne Osborne Independent Group Brindabella 1995–2001
Ted Quinlan ALP Molonglo 1998–2006
Dave Rugendyke Osborne Independent Group [1] Ginninderra 1998–2001
Brendan Smyth Liberal Brindabella 1998–2016
Jon Stanhope ALP Ginninderra 1998–2011
Bill Stefaniak Liberal Ginninderra 1989–1992, 1994–2008
Kerrie Tucker Greens Molonglo 1995–2004
Bill Wood ALP Brindabella 1989–2004
1 Although Dave Rugendyke was elected on the Osborne Independent Group ticket, he took his place in the Assembly as an independent, separate from any party grouping.
2 Though Michael Moore was elected as an independent, he joined Kate Carnell's Liberal government as a minister on 28 April 1998. Despite this, he continued to sit in the Assembly as an independent.
3 Trevor Kaine resigned from the Liberal Party on 13 May 1998. On 28 May, he announced that he would stand as a representative of the "Canberra Liberals", but then, on 30 July, registered the United Canberra Party, which he represented for the remainder of his term.
4 Liberal member Kate Carnell resigned from the Assembly on 17 October 2000. The vacancy was filled by Liberal Jacqui Burke.

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