Melchior Anderegg

Melchior Anderegg (28 March 1828 – 8 December 1914),[1] from Zaun, Meiringen, was a Swiss mountain guide and the first ascensionist of many prominent mountains in the western Alps during the golden and silver ages of alpinism. His clients were mostly British, the most famous of whom was Leslie Stephen, the writer, critic and mountaineer; Anderegg also climbed extensively with members of the Walker family, including Horace Walker and Lucy Walker, and with Florence Crauford Grove. His cousin Jakob Anderegg was also a well-known guide.

Whymper's engraving of Melchior Anderegg (1864)

Alpine guideEdit

First ascents by Melchior Anderegg

Other noteworthy climbs by Melchior Anderegg

Melchior Anderegg (standing, 4th from left), Horace Walker (sitting, 3rd from left), Lucy Walker (standing, 3rd from left)

Wood carverEdit

Anderegg was also a professional wood carver and owned a shop in Zermatt that sold his carvings (of bears, groups of chamois, and eagles, amongst other subjects), as well as 'Photographs of all the great peaks around Zermatt', alpenstocks, snow spectacles ('blue, green, and neutral tint') and Whymper's guides.[2]

Portrait of Melchior Anderegg at sixty-eight (from a photograph by C. Myles Mathews)


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