Mehr Licht! (German: More Light) is an Albanian language quarterly literary and cultural magazine published in Albania. It has been in circulation since 1996.

Mehr Licht!
Editor-in-chiefMira Meksi
CategoriesLiterary magazine
Cultural magazine
Founded1996; 27 years ago (1996)

History and profileEdit

Mehr Licht! was established by Mira Meksi and Vebi Velija in 1996.[1][2] Mira Meksi is also the editor-in-chief of the magazine which is published quarterly.[3]

The title of the magazine is in German and refers to the last words of Goethe, meaning “more illumination, more knowledge, more reality.”[3]

Mehr Licht! provides articles about literature and culture.[2] The magazine is a member of the Eurozine, European network of literary magazines.[2][4] In 2011 it started a prize for the best cultural essay written in Albania.[3]

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