Mehola Junction bombing

The Mehola Junction bombing (also known as the Beit El bombing, literally, the House of God bombing) was the first suicide car bomb attack carried out by Palestinian militants and took place on 16 April 1993.[1]

Mehola Junction bombing
Mehola Junction bombing is located in the Northern West Bank
Mehola Junction bombing
The attack site
LocationMehola Junction, West Bank
Coordinates32°22′15″N 35°30′29″E / 32.37083°N 35.50806°E / 32.37083; 35.50806Coordinates: 32°22′15″N 35°30′29″E / 32.37083°N 35.50806°E / 32.37083; 35.50806
DateApril 16, 1993; 29 years ago (1993-04-16)
≈1:00 AM (UTC+2)
Attack type
Suicide bombing
WeaponCar bomb
Deaths1 civilian (+1 bomber)
PerpetratorHamas claimed responsibility
AssailantShahar al-Nabulsi

Hamas bombmaker Yahya Ayyash rigged a Volkswagen Transporter using three large propane tanks and explosives collected from grenades and other ordnance. The bomb was connected to a detonator switch in the driver's controls.[2]

Hamas operative Saher Tamam al-Nabulsi[citation needed] drove the car to Mehola Junction, a rest area on the Jordan Valley Highway in the West Bank. Just after 1:00 AM, the car exploded between two buses, one civilian and one military.[3] The blast killed al-Nabulsi and Marwan Ghani, a Palestinian from the nearby village of Bardala who worked in a snack bar in Mehola.[3][4] Ghani's brother and eight Israeli soldiers were slightly injured.[3][4]


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