Meg Swansen

Meg Swansen is a knitting designer,[1][2] owner of Schoolhouse Press and the daughter of Elizabeth Zimmermann.[3] Similar to her mother, she has helped to popularize knitting and is a well-respected author and knitting teacher,[4] especially at her knitting retreats.[5][6] Swansen also writes a long-running regular column in Vogue Knitting called "Meg Swansen on...", which covers everything from the Turkish cast on (Fall 2005), to lace knitting (Spring/Summer 2006), to the recherché Scandinavian two-end knitting (Winter 2006/2007).

Swansen runs a knitting camp in Marshfield, Wisconsin.[7] This camp was established in 1974 by Elizabeth Zimmermann, and Meg took over the organization of the event when her mother retired.[8]


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