Medley Footbridge

Medley Footbridge is a pedestrian bridge across the River Thames near the village of Binsey in Oxford, England. It is also known as Rainbow Bridge, although there is another bridge of that name in the University Parks in Oxford.

Medley Footbridge
Medley Footbridge looking north from the Thames towpath
Coordinates51°45′50″N 1°16′49″W / 51.763888°N 1.280303°W / 51.763888; -1.280303Coordinates: 51°45′50″N 1°16′49″W / 51.763888°N 1.280303°W / 51.763888; -1.280303
CrossesRiver Thames
Official nameRainbow Bridge
Height10 feet 0 inches (3.05 m)[1]
No. of spans1

The bridge bears a plaque with a misspelling which apparently gave rise to a third name, the 'Subscription Bridge':[2]

This bridge was erected by public subs[c]ription through the exertion and during the shrievalty of Henry Grant Esquire. A.D. 1865.[3]

A second plaque, using the name Rainbow Bridge, records its restoration in 1997.

The bridge joins the west bank of the river to Fiddler's Island in the stream. There is another bridge linking the island to the east bank, just above the point at which the Castle Mill Stream diverges to the east of the navigable channel. The name Medley for the west bank of the Thames at this point designates the 'middle island' between Osney and Binsey.[4]

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