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The television stations received in Key West, Florida are the stations in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale Market, with rebroadcast transmitters in Key West and Marathon, Florida.

Call Letters Network Affiliation Broadcast Location Analog Channel Digital Channel
WTVK-LP / WPBT PBS Key West, Florida 2 2
WSBS-TV IND Key West, Florida None 3
WFIB-LD TBD Key West, Florida 6 6
W05CL TBD Key West, Florida 5 None
WGEN-TV IND Key West, Florida 8 12
WFSF-LD TBD Key West, Florida 10 10
W16CI TBD Key West, Florida 16 None
WEYW-LP RTN Key West, Florida 19 None
WSBS-TV IND Key West, Florida 22 None
WGZT-LP TBD Key West, Florida 27 None
WTVK-LP TBD Key West, Florida 31 None
WCAY-CD (Class A) Tourist Network ("Key TV") Key West, Florida 36 None
WMDF-LD IND ("Proud TV") Key West, Florida 41 4
WPLG ABC Key West, Florida 47 None
WKIZ-LP / WSVN FOX Key West, Florida 49 None
W52BG TBD Big Pine Key, Florida 52 None



  • WKWF 1600 - A full time 500 watt station. In 1945 this station signed on the air. It featured a variety of programming including variety in the 1950 and 1960s. Country and rock in the 1970s. Big Band and show tunes in the 1980s, and now the current format sports.
  • WKIZ 1500 - A full time 250 watt station. The second oldest station on the island. Started in the late 1950s the station played top 40 music till 1990 when it was sold. The format was Spanish for a brief period, and now is an Air America affiliate.
  • WFFG 1300 - A full time 2500 watt station. This station is located in Marathon Florida (about 50 miles away). It still reaches Key West with a strong signal. It was a top 40 station in the 1970s Country in the 1980s. It currently has a talk format.


  • WEOW 92.7 FM - The first FM station in Key West. Originally WFYN FM with a beautiful music format till 1982. Format changed to Adult Contemporary, and finally Top 40 CHR in 1990.
  • WKEY 93.7 FM - Originally a 3,000 watt station. Was the original frequency for WWUS FM. Boosted power to 33,000 watts in the 1990s. Has had the original light AC format since sign on. Call letters changed from WKRY.
  • WCNK 98.7 FM - Originally a rock station WOZN. Sold to the owners of WWUS FM and changed to jazz. The station now has a country format.
  • WAIL 99.5 FM - This station was originally on 95.5 FM WVFK with an eclectic format. That transmitter site burned in the 1980s and was returned to the original owner. The station signed on with a country format. It was sold in the 1980s and was changed to an electric rock format. The tower was destroyed in a hurricane, and once again was returned to the original owners which switched the station a top 40 format. The station was sold once again and went bankrupt and was repossessed by the original owners once again. In the 1990s the station was sold to Clear Channel, and is classic rock.
  • WPIK 102.5 FM - This station signed on in 1991 with a hot country format. In 2003 it was changed to a Hot AC format through an LMA. In 2005 the station was sold again. The current format is Spanish.
  • WWUS 104.1 FM- Originally at 104.7 US1 radio has always been a classic hits station. A format change in the 1990s lasted about two weeks, listeners protested, and the format was changed back.
  • WIIS 106.9 FM - This station signed on the air in 1982 with an Adult Contemporary format. The first current hit station on FM. It made such an impact that within a few months, 92.7 WFYN changed format from B-EZ to Adult Contemporary.

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