Medetsiz Mountain

Medetsiz Mountain (Turkish: Medetsiz Dağı) is a summit in Toros Mountains range of Turkey.

Mount Medetsiz
Mount Medetsiz is located in Turkey
Mount Medetsiz
Mount Medetsiz
Highest point
Elevation3,524 m (11,562 ft)
Coordinates37°23′33″N 34°37′59″E / 37.3926°N 34.6331°E / 37.3926; 34.6331Coordinates: 37°23′33″N 34°37′59″E / 37.3926°N 34.6331°E / 37.3926; 34.6331
Mersin Province, Turkey
Parent rangeToros Mountains

Toros Mountains run parallel to the Mediterranean Sea in south Turkey. The highest portion in mid Toros range is also called Bolkar and the summit is Medetsiz at 37°23′33″N 34°37′59″E / 37.39250°N 34.63306°E / 37.39250; 34.63306. It is a part of Çamlıyayla (ilçe) (district) of Mersin Province. [1]Its birds flight distance to sea is about 65 kilometres (40 mi). The altitude of the summit is 3,524 metres (11,562 ft). The north of the submit is a high cliff and the ramp to the south is relatively more gentle. It is one of the popular tracks of the mountaineers.


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