Medal for Long Marital Life

The Medal for Long Marital Life (Polish: Medal Za Długoletnie Pożycie Małżeńskie) is a Polish medal established on February 17, 1960. It is awarded to couples who have been married for at least 50 years. It is a round, silver medal with six (6) rays. The obverse has a pink enameled center with two roses with intertwined stems superimposed. The reverse has the letters RP in the center. Surrounding this are the words: ZA DŁUGOLETNIE POŻYCIE MAŁŻEŃSKIE in a circle. The medal is 35mm in diameter. The ribbon is 37mm wide with a 4mm wide white stripe in the center of the ribbon.

Medal for Long Marital Life
People's Republic of Poland version of the medal
Typesingle grade medal
Awarded for50 years of marriage
Country Poland
Presented bythe President of Poland
Statuscurrently awarded
EstablishedFebruary 17, 1960
The medal's ribbon
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