Medal Brotherhood in Arms

The Medal Brotherhood in Arms of the National People’s Army (German: Medaille der Waffenbrüderschaft) was a medal issued in the German Democratic Republic (GDR).

Medal “Brotherhood in Arms" of the NPA of the GDR
GDR Brotherhood in Arms Medal.jpg
Medals – All 3 classes.
TypeThree class medal
Awarded forMerit in strengthening the brotherhood of arms
Presented by East Germany
StatusNo longer awarded
First awarded17 February 1966
Last awarded1990
GDR Brotherhood in Arms Medal reverse.jpg
Reverse of the Bronze level

Day of establishment: 17 February 1966.


The medal was granted in three classes:

  •   – Bronze
  •   – Silver
  •   – Gold

Award criteriaEdit

The medal could be presented for strengthening of the co-operation and brotherhood in arms to the armed forces of the Warsaw Pact. It was presented to:

  • Soldiers and civil employees of the National People’s Army (Army, Navy or Air Force/Air Defense Force)
  • Members of the Stasi
  • Members of the armed forces of other Warsaw Pact countries
  • Individuals of friendly socialist countries

It was presented to:

The award was presented in the name of the Minister of National Defense or Minister of State Security usually on the March 1, or October 7.

Document / Cash award: Each medal was accompanied by a document/certificate and a specific cash award.

Medal descriptionEdit

The medal is suspended from a five sided cloth ribbon which is 48 mm (1.9 in) at the widest point. The medal is 35 mm (1.4 in) in diameter and is silvered and/or gilded bronze (gold medal), or bronze depending on the grade of the medal.

The ribbon bar is 24 mm (just under 1 inch) wide, rectangular and corresponds with the medal ribbon.

The medal was awarded with a certificate and was worn on the left upper chest. Uniform regulations specify when the medal or ribbon bar was worn. Wear of this medal on the ribbon bar was mandatory.

The reverse of the medal, used from 1966 until 1990, features a ring around the State Seal in the GDR flag.

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