Mechka Island

Mechka Island (Bulgarian: остров Мечка, romanizedostrov Mechka, IPA: [ˈɔstrof ˈmɛt͡ʃkɐ]) is the mostly ice-covered island extending 875 m in southwest–northeast direction and 350 m in south–north direction in the Dannebrog Islands group of Wilhelm Archipelago in the Antarctic Peninsula region. Its surface area is 15.9 ha.[1]

Mechka Island
Mechka Island is located in Antarctica
Mechka Island
Mechka Island
Location of Mechka Island
Mechka Island is located in Antarctic Peninsula
Mechka Island
Mechka Island
Mechka Island (Antarctic Peninsula)
Coordinates65°00′17″S 64°00′10″W / 65.00472°S 64.00278°W / -65.00472; -64.00278
ArchipelagoWilhelm Archipelago
Area15.9 ha (39 acres)
Length875 m (2871 ft)
Width350 m (1150 ft)
Administered under the Antarctic Treaty System

The feature is so named because of its shape supposedly resembling a bear ('mechka' in Bulgarian), and in association with other descriptive names of islands in the area.[1]


Mechka Island is located at 65°00′17″S 64°00′10″W / 65.00472°S 64.00278°W / -65.00472; -64.00278Coordinates: 65°00′17″S 64°00′10″W / 65.00472°S 64.00278°W / -65.00472; -64.00278, which is 4.96 km north-northwest of Booth Island, 3.12 km northeast of Raketa Island, 50 m south of Mishka Island, and 5.6 km southwest of Kril Island in the Wauwermans Islands group. British mapping in 2001.


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This article includes information from the Antarctic Place-names Commission of Bulgaria which is used with permission.