Meates v Attorney-General

Meates v Attorney-General [1983] NZLR 308 is a cited case in New Zealand regarding negligence cases against the government.[1]

Meates v Attorney-General
Coat of arms of New Zealand.svg
CourtCourt of Appeal of New Zealand
Full case nameMeates v A-G
Decided17 October 1983
Citation(s)[1983] NZLR 308
Court membership
Judge(s) sittingWoodhouse P, Cooke J, Ongley J


Matai Industries was a West Coast timber firm. After the promised financial assistance promised to Matai by various Ministers, and the Prime Minister Norman Kirk failed to eventuate, Matai was placed into receivership.

Meates, one of the shareholders in Matai, sued the government in tort. The Government countered that they owed Matai no duty of care.


The court held that the government owed Matai a duty of care.


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