Mchauru is a village, in the south east of the country of Tanzania. Mchauru is also the name of the associated electoral division of Masasi District, Mtwara.[1] The area shares its name with the Mchauru River.

Mchauru is located in Tanzania
Location in Tanzania
Coordinates: 11°00′12″S 39°15′28″E / 11.0032°S 39.2577°E / -11.0032; 39.2577
RegionMtwara Region

Geography Edit

The village lies at a latitude of -11.003 and longitude of 39.258[2] and it has an elevation of 242 meters above sea level.[3] As at the 2022 census the electoral ward had a population of 12,941 living in 4,095 households.[4]

Mchauru River Edit

The river is a left-bank tributary of the Ruvuma River, with its mouth near the village of Maparawe[5] at latitude 11.141 south longitude 39.130 east.

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