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McHenry County Conservation District

The McHenry County Conservation District, abbreviated as MCCD, is a conservation district located in McHenry County, Illinois.

McHenry County Conservation District
Agency overview
FormedJuly, 1971
Headquarters18410 US Highway 14
Woodstock, Illinois
Agency executive
  • Stephen Barrett, President

MCCD was founded in 1971 and manages and maintains approximately 25,000 acres of land throughout the county. This includes parks, conservation areas, campgrounds, bicycle trails, hiking trails, and horse trails.

Managed SitesEdit

The following locations are directly managed by MCCD.[1][2]

Name Land Area (acres)
Alden Sedge Meadow 192
Beck's Woods 283
Boger Bog 38
Boone Creek 608
Brookdale 1,645
Coral Woods 775
Dufield Pond 78
Elizabeth Lake Nature Preserve & Varga Archeological Site 345
Exner Marsh 220
Fel Pro RRR 277
Fox Bluff 279
Glacial Park 3,412
Goose Lake Conservation Area 169
Harrison Benwell 75
Hebron Peatlands 185
Hickory Grove & Lions Prairie and Marsh 411
High Point Conservation Area 253
The Hollows 478
Kishwaukee Headquarters 153
Lake in the Hills Fen 400
Marengo Ridge 818
North Branch 521
Pioneer Fen Conservation Area 47
Pleasant Valley 2,080
Queen Anne Prairie Conservation Area 906
Rush Creek 726
Silver Creek 840
Spring Grove Conservation Area 0.5
Stickney Run 629
Winding Creek 631