McClellan AFB Annex

McClellan Air Force Base Annex #1 ("McClellan Anx #1") was a military installation near McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento County, California, that was active from 28 November 1951 to 2 July 1956.[1] Strategic Air Command operated an automatic tracking radar station (call sign "Sacramento Bomb Plot") just outside the base at Whitney and Eastern Avenues.[2]


Colorado Spring's 206th Army Air Force Base Unit, following the Second World War in 1946, had Radar Bomb Scoring detachments in Kansas City and Dallas. RBS Detachment D moved to near McClellan AFB, from Fort George Wright, Spokane, Washington, around September 1951, and was renamed to become Detachment 12 of the 3903rd Radar Bomb Scoring Squadron.[3] The base was deactivated on 2 July 1956.[1]


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Coordinates: 38°36′19″N 121°25′30″W / 38.605201°N 121.425018°W / 38.605201; -121.425018