Mayor of Gibraltar

His or Her Worship the Mayor of Gibraltar is the ceremonial official of the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. The mayor is appointed by the elected Members of Parliament[1] and the office is situated at City Hall John Mackintosh Square. Since 4 April 2019, John Gonçalves has held the position of Mayor of Gibraltar, succeeding Kaiane Aldorino.[2]

Mayor of Gibraltar
Coat of Arms of the Government of Gibraltar.svg
The Coat of arms of the Mayor of Gibraltar
John Goncalves.jpg
John Gonçalves

since 5 April 2019
StyleHis or Her Worship
ResidenceGibraltar City Hall
AppointerGibraltar Parliament
Inaugural holderSir Joshua Hassan
DeputyChristian Santos
SalaryUnpaid (no salary)


Centrally situated at John Mackintosh Square, opposite the Gibraltar Parliament, the Gibraltar City Hall is the office of the Mayor of Gibraltar.

Since its creation in 1921, the city council had a chairman. In 1955, upon request of the members of the city council, the post was renamed to mayor, and therefore, the mayor of Gibraltar was chosen from among the members of the council. Joshua Hassan, the chairman of the city council at the time become the first mayor of Gibraltar.

1969 ConstitutionEdit

The city council disappeared when the new Gibraltar Constitution Order in Council was signed in 1969. However, the mayor of Gibraltar survived, but only with a ceremonial character, and was to be elected by the House of Assembly (later the Parliament).[3] This meant that office was invariably taken by the Speaker or a government minister.[4]

The 1969 Constitution stated:[3]

A person elected to the office of Mayor shall hold office upon such terms and conditions, and shall perform such functions (being ceremonial functions of a civic character), as may be determined by the Governor, acting after consultation with the Gibraltar Council.

2006 ConstitutionEdit

Following the new 2006 Constitution, the mayor no longer had to be chosen from among the members of Parliament. Instead, the mayor is appointed by Parliament. The intention was to move to a new system whereby citizens from the community at large can be appointed mayor for a one-year period. The Government of Gibraltar announced that a deputy mayor would also be appointed for the same period and would take up the office of mayor the following year.[4]


The mayor of Gibraltar is appointed by Parliament but no longer from within Parliament, and is to hold the position for a one-year period.[5] As per the 2006 Constitution:[1]

A person elected to the office of Mayor shall hold office upon such terms and conditions, and shall perform such functions (being ceremonial functions of a civic character), as may be determined by the Parliament.


A deputy mayor is at the same time appointed by Parliament for one year to assist and support the mayor in the discharge of mayoral duties, as well as to act as mayor when she or he is unable to participate in a civic event. The deputy will take office as mayor the following year and a new deputy appointed, and so on.[5][6]


Since 1969, the mayor is not a political figure as his or her duties are entirely ceremonial and civic.[5] The posts of mayor and deputy mayor of Gibraltar are honorific and thus unpaid.[4]

List of mayorsEdit

The following is a list of all the mayors of Gibraltar since the first tenure began in 1955:[7]

Picture Name Took Office Left Office
1   The Hon. Sir Joshua Hassan CBE MVO QC JP 23 February 1955 2 June 1969
2 The Hon. Col. William Thompson OBE JP 2 June 1969 6 November 1970
3 The Hon. Alfred J. Vasquez CBE MA 6 November 1970 22 April 1976
4   The Hon. Adolfo J. Canepa 22 April 1976 31 December 1978
5 The Hon. Horace J. Zammit 1 January 1979 31 July 1979
6 The Hon. Abraham W. Serfaty CBE JP 1 August 1979 31 July 1988
7 The Hon. Mari I. Montegriffo 1 August 1988 20 March 1995
8 The Hon. Robert Mor 20 March 1995 31 July 1996
9 Judge John E. Alcantara CBE 1 August 1996 31 July 2004
10 The Hon. Clive G. Beltran 1 August 2004 31 July 2008
11   Solomon 'Momy' Levy 1 August 2008 31 July 2009
12   Olga Zammitt OBE, JP 1 August 2009 31 July 2010
13   Anthony J P Lombard Ll.B. 1 August 2010 31 July 2011
14   Julio Alcantara 1 August 2011 31 July 2012
15   Anthony Lima 1 August 2012 31 July 2014
16   The Hon. Adolfo J. Canepa 1 August 2014 31 July 2017
17   Kaiane Aldorino 1 August 2017 4 April 2019
18   John Gonçalves 4 April 2019 Incumbent


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