The Mayas, also called Mayas LFA or Mayas Puebla, were an American football team based in Mexico City (CDMX), Mexico. The Mayas competed in the Central Division of the Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional, the top American football league in Mexico. The Mayas played their home games at the Estadio Wilfrido Massieu.

Mayas CDMX
Team logo
Founded2015; 7 years ago (2015)
Based inMexico City, Mexico
Home fieldEstadio Wilfrido Massieu
Head coachFrancisco Chaparro
LeagueLiga de Fútbol Americano Profesional
DivisionCentral Division
ColoursNavy and White
Nickname(s)Imperio Azul (Blue Empire)
Tazón México
2: 2016 (I), 2017 (II)
Division Championships1 2017
WebsiteOfficial page
Current uniform
LFA Mayas CDMX uniforme 2019.png

Mayas was the most successful team in the LFA until it folded in 2020, winning the championship twice in 2016 and 2017, and qualifying for playoffs every season as of 2019.


Club originsEdit

The club was founded on 4 November 2015 as one of the charter members of the Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional, alongside Condors, Eagles and Raptors.[1] The team picked navy blue and white as their colours. Originally, the team nickname was supposed to be Mexicas after coming first in a poll among fans, nevertheless, the name Mexicas was already registered, therefore, the team had to pick the name that finished second in the poll: Mayas.[2] The name Mayas, refers to the Maya people.

Ernesto Alfaro era (2016–2018)Edit

On their first season, the team finished with a 4–2 regular season record, qualifying for the Tazón México I, where they defeated the Raptors 29–13, winning the league's inaugural championship.[3]

For the 2017 season, Mayas finished as the best team in the league with a 6–1 regular season record. They defeated the Eagles 40–18 at the divisional game and became two-time champions of the LFA after winning the Tazón México II 24–18 to the Dinos.[4]

On their third season, Mayas qualified for playoffs for third time in a row after finishing with a 5–2 regular season record and as leaders of the Central Division and best team in the league. Despite this, the team lost in the divisional game 17–27 against Mexicas.[5]

In April 2018, after losing the divisional game against Mexicas, head coach Ernesto Alfaro announced his departure from the team. As head coach of the Mayas, Alfaro won two Tazón México championships and managed to qualify for the playoffs during his three seasons in charge of the team with a 18–6 overall record.[6]

Francisco Chaparro era (2019–)Edit

In 2019, the team again qualified for playoffs, making it to postseason for fourth time in a row, after defeating Artilleros 25–20 at the Estadio Templo del Dolor in the last game of the season.[7]


Mayas had moved to Puebla, Mexico after their first 4 season in Mexico city. The team had intended to be in hiatus for the 2020 season prior to the pandemic in Mexico. In 2021, it was confirmed by the commissioner that the Mayas will remain on hiatus until the team acquires investors.


Estadio Wilfrido Massieu, current home field of the Mayas.
Mayas CDMX stadiums
Stadium Tenure
Estadio Jesús Martínez "Palillo" 2016–2018
Estadio Wilfrido Massieu 2019–present

In 2016, for the inaugural season of the LFA, all of the four founding teams (Condors, Eagles, Raptors and Mayas) played all their matches at the Estadio Jesús Martínez "Palillo", in the Magdalena Mixhuca Sports City.[8]

While other teams left for new stadiums the next season (the Raptors moved to the Estadio José Ortega Martínez in Naucalpan, for instance), the Mayas stayed at the "Palillo" Martínez stadium for the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

Previous to the 2019 season, it was announced that the Mayas would move to the Estadio Wilfrido Massieu in the main campus of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional in northern Mexico City. The stadium is normally used by the IPN's college football teams.[9]

Though it has not been officially stated by the league, one of the probable causes of the Mayas leaving the "Palillo" Martínez stadium, is the fact that the stadium has been designated as a shelter for Central American migrants by Mexico City's government.[10]

With a capacity of 13,000 spectators, the Estadio Wilfrido Massieu is currently the largest venue in the Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional.[11]


CDMX Mayas staff
Front Office and Support Staff
  • General Manager – César Zúñiga

Head Coach

  • Head Coach - Francisco Chaparro

Offensive Coaches

  • Offensive Coordinator – Javier García
  • Offensive Line – Alberto Colín
  • Receivers – José Vivas

Defensive Coaches

  • Defensive Coordinator – Jesús Muñoz
  • Defensive Line – Rochín Martínez
  • Linebackers – Óscar Herrera


Mayas CDMX roster
  • 12 Marco García
  • 15 Arturo Callejo
  • 19 Álvaro Camacho

Running backs

  •  1 Omar Cojolum
  •  3 Javier Murillo
  • 21 Jesús Sosa
  • 33 Edgar Arroyo


  •  2 Marco Antonio Morales
  •  5 Christian Gómez
  •  7 José Antonio Vázquez
  •  9 Gustavo Ramos
  • 11 Diego Viamontes
  • 13 Luis David Martínez
  • 81 Josué Martínez

Tight ends

  • 44 Carlos Díaz
Offensive linemen
  • 53 Mariano Vargas
  • 55 Erick Zamora
  • 57 Gildardo Torres
  • 60 Víctor Cáliz
  • 72 Leonel Ramírez
  • 73 Jonathan Segura
  • 74 Ramiro Pruneda
  • 77 Javier González
  • 79 Ángel García

Defensive linemen

  • 90 Uriel Ávalos
  • 91 Emigdio Palacios
  • 92 Diego Magaña
  • 93 Fabián Huitrón
  • 94 Juan Francisco González
  • 96 Balam Sánchez
  • 98 Fernando Aguirre
  • 99 Isaack Medina
  •  6 Sebastián Baig
  • 50 Edgar White
  • 51 Josué Maldonado
  • 52 Lennin Ortiz
  • 54 Jonathan García
  • 56 Fernando Zárate
  • 58 Uriel López
  • 2 Michael McCrary

Defensive backs

  • 10 Jordi Saldaña S
  • 11 Jair Viamontes S
  • 14 José Garatachea S
  • 18 Salvador Vázquez
  • 23 Jonathan Tinajero CB
  • 25 Francisco Olvera CB
  • 27 Adán Hernández S
  • 30 Axel Falcón CB
  • 31 Ricardo Espinoza CB

Special teams

  • 4 Mauricio Morales K
  • 8 Ángel Sánchez K

Roster updated 2019-03-09

More rosters


Season Head coach Regular season Postseason
Won Lost Win % Finish Won Lost Win % Result
2016 Ernesto Alfaro 4 2 .666 1st (League) 1 0 1.000 Won Tazón México I (vs Raptors) 29–13
2017 Ernesto Alfaro 6 1 .857 1st (Central) 2 0 1.000 Won Central Division Championship (Eagles) 48–18
Won Tazón México II (vs Raptors) 24–18
2018 Ernesto Alfaro 5 2 .714 1st (Central) 0 1 .000 Lost Central Division Championship (Mexicas) 27–17
2019 Francisco Chaparro 5 3 .625 2nd (Central) 0 1 .000 Lost Central Division Championship at (Condors) 18–13
2020 Suspended Operations
2021 Season cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic


  • Central Division
    • Champions (1): (2017)

Notable playersEdit


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