Maximum Shame is a feature-length dystopian movie, written and directed by Carlos Atanes and released in 2010.

Maximum Shame
Maximum Shame - dvd.jpg
DVD cover
Directed byCarlos Atanes
Produced byCarlos Atanes
Written byCarlos AtanesCarlos Atanes
StarringAna Mayo
Marina Gatell
Ignasi Vidal
Paco Moreno
Ariadna Ferrer
David Castro
Eleanor James
Music byMarc Álvarez
Distributed byFortKnox Audiovisual
Release date
  • 11 September 2010 (2010-09-11) (BUT Film Festival)
Running time
81 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


The end of the world is imminent. A man goes into a parallel dimension, a limbo between reality and fantasy where the normal rules of time and space have ceased to apply.[1] His wife goes to rescue him.[2] Both will be trapped in a strange and cruel world where a ruthless Queen organizes reality as a mad game of chess, a post-apocalyptic dystopia of domination and subjugation where characters can’t eat, speak or move about freely and are periodically viciously attacked.[3]


Maximum Shame is the third feature movie by Carlos Atanes. It can be framed as the previous ones—FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Próxima—within the fantasy horror genre. Produced completely independently, like all its author's films, it was supposedly inspired by pornographic 70's films. Thereby recovering the underground, transgressive and weird style that characterized Atanes' early work.[4] Shooting, in English, was developed in Spain over just six days, but one scene was made in the UK with British scream queen Eleanor James.[5] The film was a failure upon release.

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  • BUT Film Festival 2010: nominated for BEST FEATURE MOVIE, Breda, Netherlands.[6]
  • Nominated for WEIRDEST PICTURE of 2011 (Weirdcademy Awards)[7]


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