Baron Max Wladimir von Beck

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Baron Max Wladimir von Beck (6 September 1854, in Vienna – 20 January 1943, in Vienna) was an Austrian statesman.

Baron Max Wladimir von Beck
Max Wladimir von Beck (1854–1943).jpg
Baron Max Wladimir von Beck
Born6 September 1854
Vienna, Austria
Died20 January 1943
Vienna, Germany

Baron Max Wladimir von Beck was selected as the main motif of an Austrian collectors' coin, the 100 Years of Universal Male Suffrage commemorative coin, minted on January 10, 2007. The coin design is based on a historic photo of the opening session of Parliament in 1907, right after the elections. These were the first Austrian elections held under universal male suffrage, after an electoral reform abolishing tax paying requirements for voters had been adopted by the Council and was endorsed by Emperor Franz Joseph earlier in the year.[1]

Opening session of the House of Deputies, 17 June 1907


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