Max Maximilian

Max Maximilian (born Franz Kuhn; 23 September 1885 – 25 June 1930)[1] was a German singer, actor and director.[2]


Maximilian was born in Cologne and began his career as a singer and stage actor. He made his stage debut on 20 October 1905 at the Stadttheater Passau performing in operettas. In 1906 he moved to the Studienhaus in Coburg, in 1907 to Pirmasens, in 1908 to the Meininger Residenztheater, and in 1909 as an operetta singer at the Bochum City Theater. In 1910 he followed a call to Speyer, and 1911 to Wittenberge, where he was also allowed to stage plays as a director, and in 1912 to Munich, where he stayed until 1914 and also proved himself as a director and actor.[1]

In the last few years before the outbreak of World War I, Max Maximilian turned to the new medium of film. There he covered the entire range of supporting roles: he played fathers and subordinate service providers, seamen and miners, shady characters and police gendarmes. In the 1920s Maximilian occasionally worked as an assistant director (e.g. in 1922 for the film Der Absturz) or as a production manager (e.g. in 1924 for Garragan and 1926 for Der Student von Prag).[1]

Maximilian died in Berlin in 1930, aged 44.[1]

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